What does it mean to be warriors of numbers and battle it out in the fields of bookkeeping and management? Well, beyond keeping our wits sword-sharp and armoring ourselves with years of experience, there are several aspects that set us apart, which include:

Our Warriors' Heritage

Charisse Letourneau established CHE in 1985 in Circle Pines, Minnesota. Since then, our ranks have swelled as we've carved out an unstoppable reputation in the Twin Cities area, fighting hard to be known for the highest quality of service and incredible attention to the unique needs and requirements of our clients.

Our Warriors' Charge

We embrace your bookkeeping and management battles and bring our skills and expertise to bear on your behalf—freeing you to experience higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Our Warriors' Trust

We recognize that you trust us with some of your most valuable data and processes. To that end, we at CHE safeguard your vital information and employ the strongest defenses to keep it confidential.