Bookkeeping & Office Management

Every day offers its own battles, both big and small. Let us handle the routine skirmishes and disarm any unexpected ambushes, all while setting you up to achieve even greater victories.

  • Daily Cash Flow Management
  • General Ledger - includes bank reconciliations and financial statement preparation
  • Accounts Payable - includes day-to-day bill paying and 1099 maintenance
  • Payroll - includes payroll tax reporting with full payroll services available for bookkeeping clients
  • Human Resources - includes COBRA/MN Continuation, office policies implementation, and HR topic facilitation
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning

Commercial Property Management

Each commercial property you own is a flag planted on your battle map - territory that must be defended. We're here to ensure the tide of battle always goes your way!

  • Leasing - includes negotiations and lease preparation
  • Operations - includes day-to-day management of your property, tenants, and vendors
  • Budgeting - includes cash flow planning and forecasting
  • Bookkeeping