Charisse Letourneau, Owner

Financial Reporting, Budgeting, Cash Flow Projecting, Business Management

Favorite number: 12
Favorite super-hero: Xena, Princess Warrior
Favorite sitcom/series: Netflix - Stranger Things
Dream mode of transportation: Bugatti Veyron
Favorite place: Hurricane Ridge, Olympic Peninsula, Washington


Liz Breaw

General Ledger, Financials, Senior Bookkeeping, Sales and Use Tax Matters,
Payroll, Tax Reporting

Favorite number: 3 (simple and predictable - maybe this will help me
win the lottery someday, although I would probably be 102 and choose the annuity option)
Favorite super-hero: Underdog (the cartoon - yes, I am that old)
Favorite sitcom: The Carol Burnett Show (does that count?)
Dream mode of transportation: Via transporter - "beam me up!"
Favorite place: The hammock on the front porch with a "bottle" of orange pop
(too much information?)

Tiffany Britz

Accounts Payable Banking, Transaction, Reconciliations, Client Costs

Favorite number: 7
Favorite super-hero: Don't know
Favorite sitcom: Was Two and a Half Men when Charlie Sheen was on it, 
now Whitney is pretty good
Dream mode of transportation: Fast sports car with no one in my way ever
Favorite place: It's a tie - in the barn with my horses and on our boat on the St. Croix River

Anne Miller

Office Management, CHE Billing, On-Site IT, Client Personnel Matters, Payrolls, Clients Billings

Favorite number: 3.14159
Favorite super-hero: Baymax and the Big Hero 6 Team (had to pick something Disney)
Favorite sitcom: The Goldbergs
Dream mode of transportation: Private jet
Favorite place: Can't pick one - somewhere Disney or my uncle's cabin

Jodi Vercauteren

Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable

Favorite number: 18
Favorite super-hero: Spiderman
Favorite sitcom: It's a toss up between Modern Family and Big Bang Theory
Dream mode of transportation: Lexus IS 350 Convertible
Favorite place: St. Maarten


Aimee Letourneau

Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliations, Special Projects

Favorite number: 13
Favorite super-hero: Bionic Woman
Favorite sitcom: Friends
Dream mode of transportation: A magic carpet
Favorite place: On a quiet lake

Jeanine DeWolfe

Special Projects, Records and File Management

Favorite number: 9
Favorite super-hero: Underdog
Favorite sitcom: Happy Days
Dream mode of transportation: “Eye blinking” from “I Dream of Jeannie”
Favorite place: Grandparents when I was young

Jeremy Greene

Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Special Projects

Favorite number: 2
Favorite super-hero: Spiderman
Favorite sitcom: Last Man Standing
Dream mode of transportation: 1981 Delorean with Flux Capacitor
Favorite place: Museum


SherRi Clysdale

Payroll, General Ledger, Special Projects

Favorite number: 4
Favorite super-hero: Elastigirl
Favorite sitcom: Parks and Rec or The Office
Dream mode of transportation: Transporter (like on Star Trek)
Favorite place: Any mountain with deep snow and skis on my feet